Minimum Guidelines For Ag-Use 1-D-1

Only the acreage actually used agriculturally may qualify for ag-use 1-d-1.

Small acreage with a home built upon the tract is primarily residential in nature, with ag-use secondary. Open space land must have ag-use as its primary use in order to qualify for ag-use. Therefore will not qualify, but may all be homesteaded.

If the County is declared an agricultural disaster area, a pasture may lay out of agricultural production due to drought and excessive heat and keep the ag qualification. However if a pasture lays out of production for longer than one (1) year the land may lose its ag qualification.

Tracts of land that do not meet the minimum acreage may qualify if used with a larger operation that meets or exceeds the qualifications as a whole.To be considered part of a larger operation, the primary operation must be within a reasonable distance of the smaller tract for a prudent operator to justify the travel and expense and be worked by the same operator with written documentation of the lease agreement. Documentation of cuttings, planting, harvesting or other proof will be required for the tract that does not meet the minimum requirements

Small tracts in the city limits that would otherwise meet all the qualifications, except for being in the city limits, will be grandfathered in. If the tracts continues to be used as described above with a larger operation, it may retain the ag appraisal until it is sold. It must meet the minimum size and usage standards. No new ag applications for lots in the city limits will be granted.

Animal Units

  • 1 Cow = 1 A.U.
  • Cow & Calf = 1 A.U.
  • Horse = 1 A.U.
  • Bull = 1 1/2 A.U.
  • 2 – 500 Pound Calves = 1 A.U.
  • 2 Colts = 1 A.U.
  • 6 Goats & Sheep = 1 A.U.
  • 2 Miniature Horses = 1 A.U
  • 2 Miniature Donkeys = 1 A.U.

Stocking Rate

  • Good – 1 animal unit per 1-3 acres
  • Average – 1 animal unit per 4-8 acres
  • Poor – 1 animal unit per 8-15 acres


  • Six Acre Minimum – 5 Animal Unit Minimum
  • Degree of Intensity (Stocking Ratios)
  • 1 Animal Unit = 1 Cow
  • 1 Animal Unit = 1 Cow/Calf
  • 1 1/2 Animal Unit = 1 Bull
  • 1 Animal Unit = 2 500 Pound Calves

Pastures with 6 – 15 acres must have 5 animal units.
Above 15 acres the normal stocking rate is applicable.
Cow/Calf – This operation is in the business of raising beef for sale to either processors or to other operators for breeding stock.
Feeder/Stock – This operation is in the business of raising beef for processors. Must be on feed for 150 days and the intensity would double.

  • Management practices:
  • Fences Maintained
  • Fertilize
  • Stock Water
  • Marketing
  • Weed Control

Sheep – Goats
Six Acre Minimum – 5 Animal Unit Minimum (30 head)
Degree of intensity (stocking ratios)
1 animal unit = 6 goats &/or sheep
This operation is in the business of providing two by-products wool/mohair & meat.

  • Management practices:
  • Fences maintained
  • Stock water
  • Market (wool/mohair &/or meat)


  • Six Acre Minimum – 3 Animal Unit Minimum
  • Degree of intensity (stocking ratios)
  • 1 animal unit = 1 mare
  • 1 animal unit = 1 mare & foal
  • 1 animal unit = 1 stallion
  • 1 animal unit = 2 miniature horses

This operation is directed to breeding operations. By-products are colt & fillies. This operation involves having brood mares. Usually includes special facilities & pasture is normally coastal.

  • Management practices:
  • Fences maintained
  • Stock water
  • Marketing
  • Breeding Records

Hay Meadow

  • Five Acre Minimum
  • Degree of intensity
  • 4 round/100 square bales per acre per year. (4000 lbs per acre)
  • Minimum two cuttings per year.

This operation involves the cultivation of planted or maintained grasses.
Proof of baling receipts, proof of sales, proof of ownership of cattle may be required.

  • Management practices:
  • Fertilize
  • Apply herbicide
  • Cut/bale
  • Limited grazing
  • Market or used for personal livestock feed.


Ten Acre Minimum
This operation involves the cultivation of the soil for planting grain crops with the intent of harvest for sale or for feed. Turf Grass must be a wholesale operation.

  • Management practices:
  • Shredding previous crop
  • Planting
  • Apply herbicide
  • Harvest
  • Tillage
  • Fertilize
  • Insect control

Five Acre Minimum Degree of intensity
Pecan/Fruit Trees – 15 trees per acre
Vineyard – 100 per acre
This operation is in the business of cultivating & growing of trees or grapevines that produces crops of nuts & fruit.

  • Management practices and documentation:
  • Weed control
  • Insect control
  • Fertilizer
  • Pruning
  • Supplemental water
  • Harvesting

Six Acre Minimum
Deer – Minimum of 12 adult head for pastures of less than 15 acres. Above 15 acres regular stocking rates apply.
Ostrich/Emus – 50 adult head & only the fenced area may qualify for ag-use.

This operation is in the business of raising breeds that are not native to Texas for supplying meat and/or leather for the specialty markets.

  • Management practices:
  • Seven to eight foot perimeter fence
  • Market for meat and or leather
  • Maintain harvesting schedule