Board of Directors Public Complaint Procedures

If any member of the public wishes to file a complaint with the board of directors concerning the operation of the appraisal office or any other function over which the board has responsibility, he or she may do so. Written correspondence to the chairman of the board outlining the complaint should be delivered to the chief appraiser of the district at the appraisal district office. The name and mailing address of the party that files complaint must be provided to allow for a follow-up with any agenda or board action taken in response to the complaint.

The Board of Directors shall also consider complaints filed in regards to the Appraisal Review Board that deal with improper bias, behavior, efficiency and/or procedures.  The directors have no authority to address complaints pertaining to protests, motion to correct appraisal roll, or a determination made by the Wharton Appraisal Review Board.  Further the directors have no authority to overrule an agreement between the Chief Appraiser and the property owner.

The chief appraiser will transmit copies of all the correspondence to members of the board of directors. The issues raised in such complaints or commentary will be discussed by the board at the next scheduled public meeting, and public testimony will be invited.

No employee or official of the appraisal district shall be sanctioned or disciplined in any manner by the board in response to a complaint without being given an opportunity to be heard by the board at a public meeting. Each employee and official of the appraisal district shall cooperate fully with an investigation stemming from any complaint.

At each regular meeting, the board shall request that the chief appraiser report on the status of all pending complaints.

Pursuant to Section 6.04(g), Texas Property Tax Code, the board of directors shall notify the parties to the complaint concerning its status on a quarterly basis until final disposition of the matter, unless notice would jeopardize an undercover investigation.