Board of Directors Public Access Policies for Meetings

Pursuant to Section 6.04(d), Texas Property Tax Code, a reasonable period of time at the beginning of each meeting of the Appraisal District Board of Directors shall be provided for public comments regarding the business of the appraisal district. The period of time shall be five (5) minutes per person. The time limit may be adjusted at the discretion of the Chairman of the board at each meeting. If a large number of persons wish to speak to the board, the chairman may reduce each person’s time for speaking as may be reasonably necessary to allow the board to complete its business and adjourn the meeting at a reasonable time. The board may refuse to hear any person who attempts to speak on a subject unrelated to the business of the appraisal district or within the jurisdiction of the board of directors.

Pursuant to Section 6.04(e), Texas Property Tax Code, the following policies are adopted to provide public access to the Board of Directors for purposes of testimony at public meetings concerning Appraisal District and Appraisal Review Board policies and procedures, as well as any matter over which the board has responsibility:

  1. Any non-English speaking person, deaf person or person who has any physical, mental or development disability desiring to appear before the board must file a written request with the Chief Appraiser. The chief appraiser will schedule the person to present testimony at the next regularly scheduled board meting. The request should indicate any special assistance or arrangement required to make the presentation to the board possible.
  2. The Chief Appraiser shall provide at least one bilingual person in the county to serve as an interpreter. An interpreter shall attend any meeting of the board of directors in which a non-English speaking person is scheduled to testify.
  3. The Chief Appraiser shall coordinate with the area service council of the Texas Commission for the deaf in obtaining services for an interpreter to attend any meeting of the board of directors in which a deaf person is scheduled to testify.
  4. The Chief Appraiser shall coordinate with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission, and/or other public and private agencies with regional offices to provide proper arrangements for public forums, sufficient area for wheelchairs and other mobility aides and any other matter that would assist in improved access to the board of directors.
  5. Meetings of the Board of Directors for which written notice has been given from persons requiring barrier free access shall be conducted in public buildings complying with the standards and specifications adopted by the State Purchasing and General Services Commission pursuant to the Elimination of Architectural Barriers Act. If no barrier-free public building is available, the Chief Appraiser shall attempt some temporary modification of the appraisal district office or relocate the meeting to some other room or part of the appraisal district office.