Board of Directors General Policy


  1. Must be resident and have resided in the district for at least the 2 preceding years
  2. Cannot be an employee of a tax unit unless also a member of the governing body or an elected official.
  3. Cannot be related to persons who operate for compensation as a tax agent or property tax appraiser in this district.
  4. Cannot contract with this district or have a substantial interest in a business that contracts with this appraisal district or its tax units.
  5. Cannot be delinquent on property taxes, having known of delinquency for more than sixty (60) days unless the delinquency is current under an installment payment agreement under Section 33.02 or the delinquent taxes are deferred or abated under Section 33.06 or 33.065.
  6. Elected County Assessor-Collector must serve in a non-voting capacity, unless allowed to vote by resolution adopted by the board of directors.

Terms The Board of Directors serve two-year terms beginning on January 1st of even numbered years. The county assessor-collector shall follow their term of office.

Selection The Central Appraisal District’s taxing units invoke Section 6.031 of the Texas Property Tax Code. The selection process allows for 9 appointed directors; one from the county, 5 school district representatives and 3 city/town representatives, along with the non-voting county tax assessor/collector, for a total of 10 members. Commissioner’s Court and the governing bodies of Boling ISD, East Bernard ISD, El Camp ISD, Louise ISD, Wharton ISD, City of East Bernard, City of El Campo and City of Wharton may appoint a representative. All appointments must meet the eligibility requirements stated above.

Vacancies If a vacancy occurs for any reason, the governing body that had appointed that position will make a new appointment within 60 days of notification. Any appointment must meet the eligibility requirements stated above.

Recall The governing body that made an appointment to a position on the board of directors may initiate recall proceedings on that appointment.

Officers The board of directors, at the January meeting of each year, shall select by majority vote, a chairman, vice-chairman and secretary. All members of the board of directors may not receive compensation for service, but are entitled to reimbursement for actual and reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of their duties.


  1. All meetings shall be held in the Board Room of the Central Appraisal District of Wharton located at 308 East Milam in Wharton. All meetings conform to Texas Open Meeting Act.
  2. Regular meetings are generally held on the second Thursday, of odd numbered months, at 4:30 pm. Special or emergency meetings may be called by the Chairman or a majority of board members. The time and location of all meetings is subject to change at the call of the chairman.
  3. Notice of meetings shall be posted as required by law, with the Wharton County Clerk, Courthouse Annex. A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum. A majority being 6 of the 10 board members.
  4. Meetings shall conform to Robert’s Rules of Order Revised, unless otherwise directed by board policy.
  5. An agenda packet containing the agenda, minutes of previous meeting, financial standing and a list of bills payable shall be prepared and mailed/delivered to each board member prior to the meeting. Agendas and previous meeting minutes will be sent to all tax units served by this appraisal district.
  6. No business shall be transacted except that for which an agenda has been duly posted.
  7. As conditions warrant, and in conformity with the exceptions set out in the Open Meetings Act, the Board may recess to an Executive Session, which shall be open to individuals specified by the board. An Executive Session may be called by the board chairman.
  8. The official minutes shall be held by the Chief Appraiser or designated personnel.