Board of Directors District Administration

Chief Appraiser
The Chief Appraiser is the chief administrative officer of the appraisal district office. The chief appraiser is appointed by the board of directors and serves at the pleasure of the board. The chief appraiser is directly accountable to the board of directors for the effective discharge of all duties and responsibilities. All other personnel are employed by and accountable to the chief appraiser. The chief appraiser may delegate authority to subordinate employees.

Duties and Responsibilities
The chief appraiser coordinates and implements the goals and objectives established by board policy, provisions of the Property Tax Code and other applicable laws and rules. The chief appraiser’s responsibilities include numerous statutory responsibilities related to the development of appraisal rolls and for the administration of the office. Additionally, the chief appraiser is assigned duties by the board of directors necessary for conduct of board duties and implementation of board policy. The chief appraiser shall;

  1. Establish a comprehensive program for conduct of all appraisal activities and keep the board informed on the progress of appraisal activities.
  2. Develop and implement sound administrative procedures for conduct of all district functions.
  3. Develop and implement an effective financial management system and provide reports to the board.
  4. Develop and implement an effective internal budget development system and prepare a proposed budget by June 15th of each year.
  5. Serve as the district’s spokesperson in providing information to news media, taxing units and the general public on the operations of the appraisal district and provisions of the Property Tax laws.
  6. Prepare the agenda for each board meeting, attend all meetings and provide staff recommendations for all appropriate board actions.
  7. In consultation with the appraisal district legal counsel, to provide recommendations on litigation matters for board action.
  8. Develop and implement a personnel management system for job assignments, personnel evaluations, staff hiring and other personnel related matters.
  9. Employ and compensate professional, clerical and other personnel as provide by the budget.
  10. Appoint members of the Ag Advisory Board with the advice and consent of the board of directors.
  11. Shall be the Records Management officer for the District.
  12. Chief Appraiser will need board approval for expenditure of interest earned monies and single priced expenditures exceeding $2000.
  13. Chief Appraiser is encouraged to attend conventions, conferences, seminars and other meetings, which may be held for the improvement of the District. He/She will keep informed on all legislative and rule changes in relation to the business of the District.
  14. Chief Appraiser will participate, to the extend required by counsel, to participate in any Property Value Study appeal performed on the behalf of any Wharton County school district.

Chief Appraiser Vacancy, Resignation and/or Termination
To resign in good standing, chief appraiser will submit a written letter of resignation 30 days prior to intended last day or as stated in a valid individual employment contract. Chief Appraiser will assist the board of directors in advertising for replacement. A resignation in good standing entitles chief appraiser to payment for accumulated vacation pay and/or any other compensation stated in a valid individual employment contract and/or Personnel Policy.

Termination of chief appraiser is at the pleasure of the board of directors. Based on the severity of reasons, termination may be immediate or up to 30 days notice. Other factors may apply as stated in a valid individual employment contract. A detail of severance causes is stated in the General Personnel Policy.

Should a vacancy occur, the board of directors will begin the process of replacement:

  1. Appoint a search committee consisting of the chairman and three board members.
  2. Develop an advertisement reflecting minimum expected qualifications, expectations.
  3. Develop a timetable to accept applications, interview and present candidates.
  4. Publish advertisement in local publications, surrounding counties and with the Texas
  5. Association of Appraisal Districts and Texas Association of Assessing Officers.
  6. Committee will determine interviews with best qualified candidates. If necessary, the CAD will house a potential candidate in a near by hotel.
  7. The committee will then report to the entire board on all candidates, the interviewed candidates and why they were chosen and make a recommendation to the board for further investigation.
  8. The board, as a whole, will conduct an interview with the recommended candidate for consideration.
  9. The board will vote on the new chief appraiser and negotiate a contract package. The board of directors reserves the right to sign a contract after the first 6 month probationary review.
  10. If a new chief appraiser has not been determined within 30 days of the prior chief appraiser’s departure, an interim chief appraiser shall be appointed.

This process may be varied with board action.