Beekeeping Ag Guidelines (2014)

Beekeeping is an agricultural use and shall qualify for agricultural use productivity valuation if used for pollination or production of human food (Sec 23.51.2, TX Prop Tax Code, amended 2014)

ACEAGE: State Law has set a minimum of 5 acres and maximum of 20 acres to qualify beekeeping as an ag use.

DEGREE OF INTENSITY: Standard is set at a minimum of 6 colonies and 5 acres. This is based on Section 131.001 Texas AG Code definition of an apiary, which is a place where 6 or more colonies or nuclei of bees are kept.

A colony is the hive and its equipment and appurtenances including bees, comb, honey, pollen and brood.

FOR EACH ADDITIONAL 2.5 acres one (1) additional hive is required.
5 – 7.4 = 6 hives 7.5 – 10 = 7 hives and etc… Maximum of 20 acres = 12 hives

To consider Beekeeping historical information, you must provide export, import or intra-state permits, which are required by the Texas Apiary Inspection Service to transport hives.

Hives must be maintained and kept alive, and on site at least seven (7) months of the year. If natural environment is not present, floral must be planted.

Info: Apairy Inspection Service-Texas Bee Laws

With less than 100 acres in a county, Ag use is Orchard Price, as a high intensity product.