Appraisal Review Board Candidates Needed

APPRAISAL REVIEW BOARD CANDIDATES needed.  This board consists of 5 members and rules on value and exemption issues that may arise between a property owner and the appraisal district.  The board hears a presentation of facts from each party and makes a determination based on the presentation of evidence.  This board is not a part of the Appraisal District, but is appointed by the Board of Directors.  Their Rules and Procedures regarding conduct of hearings, relevant facts and guidelines of their allowed interactions are provided by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts- Property Tax Division as dictated by law.  Interaction with CAD staff or Board of Directors is prohibited by law following appointment.  Your required training is provided by the Comptroller’s Office and is one day long, paid by the CAD.


Anyone interested may contact the Appraisal District for an Information Sheet to ensure they get their name to the Board of Directors as interested in serving.  Questions regarding days, service or duties may be directed to the Chief Appraiser prior to becoming an ARB member. ARB Candidate Submission


More information is on the website: (tab- Tax Info/Board Info/Board of Director Appointments) There is also Appraisal Review Board information under the Tax Information tab regarding Rules and Procedures.